Tea Party is "VERY UGLY -- Tom Ross, Delaware GOP Chair

Delaware’s Republican Party Chair Tom Ross called it  “A VERY UGLY TURN” when the Tea Party Express chose to support a conservative challenger to Sore Loser Republican Mike Castle.

Tom Ross said on National Public Radio on September 8, 2010, TALK OF THE NATION:  “Tea Party Sets Sights On Delaware” with JENNIFER LUDDEN, host:
QUOTE:  “But the campaign kind of took a very ugly turn about a week ago, when all of a sudden the Tea Party Express announced that they were going to get involved”
Ross then quickly sought to intentionally blur the involvement of the Tea Party Express with  a different group’s unrelated slur on Mike Castle, questioning Castle’s sexual orientation.
However, Christine O’Donnell condemned the slur on Castle, thus making Tom Ross’ description of a “VERY UGLY TURN”  clearly about the Tea Party Express.


“I do not endorse the video released by Liberty.com or that kind of mudslinging, as it is an insult to his very classy wife, Jane. I’m asking all of my supporters not to go down that route. We challenge Mike Castle to publicly denounce Delaware GOP Chairman Tom Ross’ accusations and ask all of the Delaware State Republican Committee to stop the thug politics.