VIDEO: Christine O'Donnell analyzes and explains her own Senate race in Delaware in speech

With all of the debate about the 2010 US Senate race in Delaware, the candidate herself, Christine O’Donnell, provided her own analysis of her own US Senate race in 2010.

The video of O’Donnell’s analysis is available for viewing on-line at:


Christine O’Donnell addressed questions about whether the tea party got behind flawed candidates, and attempts to discredit the tea party generally.

The following excerpt (5 minutes) is from Christine O’Donnell’s speech to the Second Annual Banquet of the Northern Virginia Tea Party on December 7.


Christine O’Donnell drew an overflow crowd of 250 guests, the maximum number the restaurant could handle in the ballroom as configured.

Originally, Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli was scheduled months ago, but had to cancel on November 18 due to a conflict with his official duties and responsibilities.  Christine O’Donnell agreed to cover for Ken Cuccinelli as a personal favor to her 2008 primary campaign manager Jon Moseley and Northern Virginia Tea Party founder Ron Wilcox, a long-time conservative activist who has networked with O’Donnell on issues over the years.