Why did Kristin Murray falsely claim she "RAN" Christine O'Donnell's 2008 Senate election campaign?

Telling lies   fraudulently attacking  Christine O’Donnell established a new low in American politics in 2010.   Each lie grew more preposterous than the last. 


But part of that  low   in American politics  was dredged by   KRISTIN MURRAY —  the former Executive Director of the Delaware Republican State Committee.




In 2008, Christine O’Donnell was asked by leaders of the Republican Party of Delaware to run for the United States Senate against long-term Senate veteran Joe Biden. 


O’Donnell was the official nominee of the Republican Party in Delaware.   Republicans thought Christine O’Donnell was great in 2008.


Christine O’Donnell was on the November ballot alongside Republican Presidential nominee John McCain and candidate for Delaware Governor Judge Lee.


Christine O”Donnell was perfectly acceptable to run alongside the Presidential and Gubernatorial nominees of the Republican Party.  It was not until a small circle around Mike Castle and Tom Ross decided “our way or the highway” all hell broke loose. 


For about 1 1/2 weeks,  Kristin Murray became the campaign manager for Christine O’Donnell in the Summer of 2008.   (Christine O’Donnell’s successful, earlier 2008 nomination contest at the May 2008 convention had been run by Jon Moseley.)


Kristin Murray worked for about 1 week, then had personal issues taking her away from work, and then came back to about 1 more meeting.


After    1  1/2   weeks  ( 1  week  +  2 days  spread over  a 3 week period), Kristin Murray was FIRED  for not showing up to work.


Christine O’Donnell had to  FIRE  Kristin Murray as campaign manager after  only   1 1/2 to 2 weeks on the job because Kristin Murray was not doing the job, and was completely distracted, unfocused, and inattentive to the work.


Obviously bitter,  Kristin Murray has  maintained a vendetta against Christine O’Donnell.


However, Kristin Murray fraudulently portrays herself as the person who “ran” Christine O’Donnell’s 2008 campaign for US Senate. 


Although Christine O’Donnell has been fighting for conservative causes since 1993, often as a volunteer, Kristin Murray claimed that Christine O’Donnell was not a conservative… and similarly absurd claims.


MOST SIGNIFICANTLY,   Kristin Murray’s     1   1/2  weeks   means she  COULD   NOT   KNOW   what she claims in her attacks on Christine O’Donnell.


Kristin Murray now attacks Christine O’Donnell about matters that  Murray could not possibly have any knowledge about during her   1  1/2 weeks of inattentive presence — distracted by other, outside personal concerns and personal relationships then consuming her attention.

Kristin Murray is not only lying about  being the one who “RAN”  Christine O”Donnell’s 2008 US Senate campaign, but is lying about every other criticism of Christine O’Donnell.  Most of all, Kristin Murray is lying about actually knowing anything about Christine O’Donnell — other than repeating the lies of others.


Now, remember:


KRISTIN MURRAY   was  the former Executive Director of the Delaware Republican State Committee .

And Tom Ross, the current Chairman of the Delaware Republican Party paid for an automated recorded telephone call to all Republican voters of Kristin Murray lying and claiming to have  “RUN”  Christine O’Donnell’s 2008 Senate campaign and spreading other lies.

Tom Ross fraudulently misrepresented Kristin Murray as having “RUN”  Christine Murray’s 2008 US Senate campaign….