26 Christians Murdered In Egypt

Three buses, one carrying children, were attacked 140 miles south of Cairo, Egypt in the governonate of Minya killing 26. The Christians were traveling to St. Samuel’s Monastery when a group of around 10 armed Islamist opened fire on the convoy slaying 26 souls, mostly children.

This is the third such attack since December on Christian Copts in Egypt. On may May 24th the United States Embassy issued a warning that a real threat was possible in the area. This comes three weeks after Rumiyah, a jihadist publication, called for attacks on easy targets to maximize terror as a tactic.

It was reported that the attackers also had a camera man with them filming their naked barbarism. Images are already circulating of the footage.


The Egyptian government has closed all entry points into Minya. Some question the government’s ability to protect the Coptic minority that is roughly 10% of the population of one the largest Muslim countries in the world. Egypt’s western desert is vast, presenting a large hurdle to responding to such a situation.

The story is still developing. This post will be updated as needed.

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