A Simple Proposal: Go on Offense

Obviously the lack of Republican leadership at the national level frustrates all Conservatives. The really maddening thing is that GOP “leaders” seem to believe that minority status is equivalent to being mute. Meanwhile, President Obama routinely trots out a new initiative daily, provides little to nothing in terms of detail for said initiative and then announces the date he expects legislation on his desk for signature. The hubris, eclipsed only by ignorance, is a genuine wonder. The only thing more stunning is Republican silence.


Day after day, the Democrats run circles around the Republicans and day after day Conservatives are consigned to screaming at the television. Leadership vacuum be damned, you’d think eventually someone from the Republican ranks would do something in terms of push back. Since that possibility seems unlikely, I’ll donate an idea that’s been swimming around in my head since Justice Souter first announced his retirement:


Senate Republicans should propose a slate of candidate nominees for Supreme Court Justice referencing Obama’s own words from Audacity of Hope: “it behooves a president – and benefits our democracy – to find moderate nominees who can garner some measure of bipartisan support.”


By forwarding a selection of candidate nominees, the Republicans may accomplish the following:


  1. Hijack a portion of the news cycle now continuously dominated by the Obama Administration
  2. Put the opposition on the defensive
  3. Preempt the possibility that a leftist whacko will be nominated


To be candid, I’m not sure anything will preempt the nomination of a whacko but if the Republicans were to submit genuinely moderate and confirmable candidates, they could at least contrast the Administration’s nominee against the “moderate” benchmark Obama already set. That would, finally, permit the Republicans some time on offense.


It might be argued that Republicans are on de facto offense given Pelosi’s predicament with the CIA and Obama’s retreat on Gitmo. Perhaps that is the case but then again perhaps not. I recommend quiet schadenfreude. Neither story is controlled by Republicans and both may be booby trapped in ways that are as yet unimaginable. In battle, there actually is a time to be silent.