Safety First

I recall a time in the 60's that we had 'test bomb drills' at school.  (as well as the 'test fire drills' and the 'test tornado drills')  There were people in our neighborhood that built 'fall-out shelters' because of the concern of a conflict with Russia.  (China, too)  I was quite young and my parents never really elaborated on the subject, but I still cringe when I hear the 'test' sounds on the television and the radio.  But even though, I enjoyed a safe and peaceful childhood.On September 11, 2001 we experienced a **real** attack.  The carefree attitudes of yesteryear came to a stop.  We had to take a good, hard look at the protective systems and have since has to adjust.  Things we took for granted were at risk of being gone, maybe forever!  Yes, we rebounded quite well, regardless, but we are still not 100%.With a world that has such hatred for 'the American' way of life, we cannot afford to put our guard down yet.  My children/grandchildren deserve to play at the local park, walk the dog around the block, and go to school without fear of another attack on our land.  There is really only one choice to make on election day - **Safety First** without it we have nothing!