A grandmothers view

I think this election is even more important to me since I have become a grandmother. I feel I am safe guarding the future of my twin grandsons.I worry about how my husband and I will be able to continue make ends meet.My two main concerns are the economy and the war on terror.We need relief from high food prices and gas prices.We have to become self suffient and depend on ourselves to solve our energy crisis. Maybe it won’t help right away, but if we don’t start now we are putting off the invietable. I don’t want ten years to pass and still be dependant on foriegn oil. If we start now using our own natural resources then when my grandsons turn ten perhaps we will be on our way to depending on our resources for energy.I feel very strongly we must continue the war on terror.Some people want to pretend there isn’t a war on terror.That is naive. We must continue to stand strong to protect our country. We must give our soldiers the resources they need to keep fighting for our freedom and way of life. If we back down and let the terrorist win then our crumbling economy will be the least of our worries.We must stand strong on domestic issues and the war on terror.That is how I see it and why I will vote for John McCain this November.