Dignity??? TSO's want to be treated with Dignity?

This is excerpted from the Washington Post:

John Gage, president of the American Federation of Government Employees, said TSA needs to better inform the general public about the new security procedures in order to avoid future confusion and attacks. It should consider giving passengers an informational pamphlet, he said.

“This absence of information has resulted in a backlash against the character and professionalism of TSOs based on a few widely reported but largely ill-founded claims repeated over and over again by the media,” Gage said. “Like all Americans, TSOs deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. These men and women are as the first line of defense against those who seek to harm this country.”

AFGE is hoping to one day serve as the only union representing TSOs

“like all Americans, TSO’s deserve to be treated with dignity and respect…..”  How hollow this sounds!  Where and how are the Americans traveling being treated with dignity and respect?  The TSO’s are the ones doing the fondling and the groping of women and children (men too). 

Is the public being treated with dignity and respect?  Not a chance in hell!  The TSO’s whine and cry because people are lashing back at the invasion of privacy and unwarranted sexual assaults upon their person’s and then they have the audacity to ask for dignity and respect?  I was always taught that you give what you get.  Maybe they should learn from this and refuse an unlawful order to sexually assault the American public and quit.  Maybe if they all quit then this will stop!  Maybe if all of our laws are enforced upon those who perpetrate these assaults and they are arrested and classified and documented as a sexual predator they will stop the searches.

These people are NOT the first line of defense against terrorism – we are!  And since 9/11 how many terrorists have boarded a plane in the US before these pornoscanners and sexual assaults ever started?