Unconsciously, Obama Does Not Like Flyover Country

Unconsciously, Barack Obama does not like flyover country. Obama is trying to act like he will contest traditional republican states, and is spending money on those red states. Yet, in the end, Obama does not even like flyover country.

How do I know?

Look at any of the Obama campaign material. In every ad or campaign material, there is a circle. The bottom half of the circle is red and white lines, with a curve like a globe. The top half of the circle is a blue rainbow, which only touches the red lines at the far edges.

Liberals call Middle America flyover country, and would not waste their time in those red states, in between stops in Manhattan and San Francisco.

This campaign piece looks exactly like the red states, which are in the middle of the circle or globe, with the blue states only touching the edges of those red states. Obama does not even feel the need to have the top half of the circle cover those red states. If Obama wanted to show that he wanted to cover all of the red states and turn them blue (or purple) he could have done so, with waves of blue over all of the red states. Yet, the Obama campaign would rather have as their signature piece a picture which is a near perfect representation of flyover country.

The Obama campaign is unconsciously telling us they sneer at us red state, flyover country people.