Hasan Left More Than a Trail of Blood at Ft. Hood; Now Let’s Follow the Paper Trail

WND.com reported yesterday:

CAIR speaker to Muslims: OK to attack Fort Bragg
Exhorts Islamic faithful to target planes carrying ‘82nd Airborne’


I live in NC. The fine men and women down at Ft. Bragg are heroes…I don’t want them to be targets. I don’t want them to be collateral damage caused by Political Correctness run amok. There is a clear connection between the shooter at Ft. Hood, the radical Imam urging the attack on Ft. Bragg in the above article and the tainted Islamic organization known as CAIR. Now it has come to my attention that the new chairman of CAIR is not only an elected official from NC, but he represents the district that includes Fort Bragg!

What? You’re not familiar with the Council on American-Islamic Relations? Among other scandals, the FBI has severed relations with the organizaiton because it was linked to the Muslim Brotherhood, a Saudi-funded worldwide jihaidst movement. Radical, Anti-American speakers populate its events. Now it has been shown that the suspected Fort Hood terrorist’s former mosque in Maryland is controlled by the radical Muslim Brotherhood.  The paper trail is circular, incriminating and bloody.

In March , the Raleigh News and Observer reported : 

“State Sen. Larry Shaw will chair the nation’s leading Muslim civil rights and advocacy group.

The Fayetteville Democrat was named today as the new chairman of the board of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, where he has served as a member for the past three years.

A seven-term state senator, Shaw was the highest-ranking Muslim public official in the United States until 2006. 

In a statement, he said he looked forward to partnering with the Obama administration to promote “pluralistic values.” 

“In carrying out our mission of promoting justice and mutual understanding, we honor and will continue to learn from groups who have faced similar challenges, including African-Americans, Asian-Americans and many others,” he said.

CAIR has 35 offices and chapters in the United States and Canada.”

Perhaps I’m paranoid, but it bothers me that the Muslim chairman of this Islamic organization can claim one of the largest Army bases in the country in his district. Woman, thy name is Paranoia?

Maybe, but I stll think Mr. Shaw should step away from this organization as if it is radioactive and side with NC Rep. Sue Myrick in calling for an investigation of CAIR. God help our politicains if anything happens to our soldiers at Ft. Bragg and ANOTHER connection to this “leading Muslim civil rights and advocacy group” is discovered.

I’m sure most Muslims are fine people. Some are not. Clearly, CAIR is a questionable organization. In this day and age, with lives on the line, I suggest Political Correctness and seven-term politicians like Shaw go the way of the buffalo.