Conference on Goldwater in November 2009: Arizona

Dear RedStaters,

I’m a liberal who has read this blog for a long period of time, though I have only rarely commented (a few times in several years, perhaps) and have never posted a blog entry.  I mainly lurk here from time to time (several times a week) to challenge my own ideas so that I don’t live in a bubble.   I largely don’t comment because I feel like doing so would violate part of the point of this website and would likely cause more conflict for you and for me than it would cause mutual understanding, particularly at this point in our national political life.

I’m going to violate that policy to announce something that came across my radar screen the other day: an event on Barry Goldwater that’s happening soon in Tempe, AZ.  I hope that you guys will find this edifying and that some of you in the area can attend.

The announcement follows.




Arizona’s own Barry Goldwater is one of the towering figures in the
history of modern conservatism and twentieth-century U.S. history.  In
celebration of his papers and the centennial anniversary of his birth,
this conference is more than biographical essays on facets of
Goldwater’s life.  The young scholars and new scholarship featured here
are representative of the depth and breadth of intellectual inquiry into
a movement and the man largely credited with shaping the current
national and global political dialog. The panelists are braced by
nationally recognized authorities who will provide expert commentary.

When: November 12-13, 2009
Where: University Club, Arizona State University, Tempe Campus
Registration Fee: $25; free to all students

See the conference website (www.ahfweb.org/index.htm) for additional
information, or call AHF at 480-965-3283.