The US' Socialistic journey

It is undeniable that the US has been moving in a “Statist” or “Socialistic” direction.
“Fair” Government vs “Free Markets” is a move in that direction.

No matter who you are voting for there are clear choices – what you ask the Government to do for you will empower it to do to others, allow it to grow in scope and intrusion.

You may not believe the Country is headed in that direction, but here is why it simply is:
1. Trust in a “Fair”, “Objective” Government enforcing “Equality” & “Justice”:
– “a new standard of openness”, “A culture of open government”, Czars
2. Economical “Equivalence”
“spread the wealth around”, “pay their fair share”
3. Classism, Class struggle:
“Millionaires and Billionaires”, “Middle-class”, “the Poor”
4. Socialization of Business, Banking, Healthcare, etc.

It is quite possible that Socialism in one form of another is the inevitable point of equilibrium for a people.

The DSA has a statement on Democratic Socialism that will ring a very familiar bell with current campaign slogans. Take a look, see how organizations like this and the NPC view the US’ political track.

I tend to think that Malcolm Hamilton and others were right, that you can move to Socialism without a revolution.

Visit the Democratic Socialists of America site and read their mission statement on the top of the page. Read the “National Political Committee of Democratic Socialists of America” on the DSA strategy for this election and beyond. Or they can simply objectively look at the US’ founding principles, the “land of the free” and compare what the Government – no longer a limited Government – has become.

The Constitution and Declaration of Independence were written on a precious few pages. Today with 60,000 pages of tax regs and 2300 pages of “Health Care” creating over 140 new organizations somewhere both the States (and the powers not granted the Federal Government) and the People get buried. Frankly you cannot expand the scope and reach of Government into every facet of life, expect it do things for you (and to others) and not call it for what it is.

The nice thing about Socialism is that you don’t need to believe – it can very easily exist around you, without your involvement. It’s a framework, a set of rules, a number of goals and requirements.
Like any other system there are some fundamental tenants that are universal. Some view it as just a label and therefore ignore the fact that it doesn’t matter whether they believe they are truly socialist or not but that they live in an increasingly socialistic environment.

Great Britain has social medicine a strong central government core and very strong controls on speech, press and other freedoms. The Labour Party is socialist and is affiliated with a number of European and international socialist groups. In the US “progressivism” has grown out of social liberalism into Social Democracy and is increasingly Government-centric in both economic and social goals and objectives.

There are few “pure” versions of any socioeconomic system but given Government expansion and a hostility towards “The Rich”, “Big Business” and free market forces would you say we are moving increasingly towards capitalism?

As Government grows in size, scope and power and The People cede more power to it their rights, liberties and freedoms are subverted and the will of the Government – generally “For the Greater Good”. Once a Government is able to ‘feed’ itself, stand on its own it exerts more control, people are less of a factor. People may say they are not Socialistic but their actions would contradict that, intentionally or not. One way is by who they vote for.

“The great society”, very socialistic. What Social Security has morphed into, the Affordable Care Act and resulting – perhaps unintended – Supreme Court ruling and creation of a ‘breathing’ tax is very Socialistic. The current administration favors Governmental solutions and control, that in of itself is Socialistic.

If you want to measure the direction of the country towards Socialism of some type review the goals and analysis of the Socialists – we are moving in the ‘correct’ direction but more work needs to be done to counter the ‘Right’ .

Personally I think it is a great shame as the founders fought against such Federalism but also realized that as a grand experiment it might fail. Perhaps we are in the unique position to be witnessing some part of that.