"Trickle Down" Economics - The Obama Policy

The President advocates taking from the “Rich” in order to ensure they “Pay their Fair Share” – else it’s going to come out of “Your Pocket”.
All of this while taking Romney to task for his “trickle down economics”…

Does anyone else find this to be totally contradictory?

Mr. Obama taking from the “Rich” – confiscating their property – to “give” to others is the ultimate form of trickle down economics.
It is what Mr. Romney has properly called “Trickle-down Government” in the most clear illustration of the Obama approach.

The engine for the “Rich” in this country to attain great wealth have been freedom and opportunity.
To attack that while looking to it to fund your efforts is hypocritical at best.

Government does not make jobs. It merely makes ‘work’ funded in the most basic parasitic way.
The goal is to have a symbiotic relationship – a balance between ‘just enough’ and too much.
Currently around the world Government is killing the host.

Our Country has always been founded on the freedom to pursue our dreams, secure the results of our labor.
In 2012 the people of These United States have a decision to make:
Failed socialistic “top down” Government manipulation of labor and industry or a proven track record of open market business success.

I think the choice is clear – don’t be afraid to make it.