Conservatives need to be Activists

Conservatives are very “live and let live”. They believe, largely, that “change for change sake” or the “we need to do something” mentality is counter productive and, generally, that the will of the people will carry the day. They have faith in process, that recovery from a defeat will eventually be delivered by some form of due process and that “The People” will rise to the occasion. They don’t assemble in large numbers, attend a lot of meetings and events, hold to a certain set of beliefs they feel are ‘self evident’ and universal.

While admirable I’ll call that a recipe for losing, leading from behind.

It’s my opinion that “The People” tend to migrate to Socialism in a general slide towards a “Government will do” type of malaise. The more the Government “gives” the more complacent “The People” get. The more the Government “gives” the larger the audience grows and so does the supportive (and now dependent) voting base. It’s really hard to argue with “free”.

Talk to your kids fresh from school. Speak with parents in your neighborhood. Talk with Teachers, local leaders – you may be very surprised. “Bush spent [without paying for it] – especially on wars”, “The Rich should pay more in taxes”. “Conservatives want to take your rights away”. “Guns are bad”. “Everyone needs healthcare”. “I’m a fiscal conservative but a socially liberal”, “It’s not fair…”.  “The fat and unhealthy are a drain on our economy”. “You can’t have national/voter ID programs as they disenfranchise people!”. “Government is the only one who can address these injustices, create fairness”. These are the prevailing opinions in communities across the US.

Each one of these has an honest response. By the time Bush had left office Democratic-led spending on “War” had far outpaced that of ‘Conservatives’. The “Rich” already do pay more in taxes – especially when they spend – but what of personal property rights? What rights have Conservatives taken away – my inability to consume sugar is surely not originating with Conservatives. Criminals possess illegal arms, not prosecuting them and harassing legal, responsible owners isn’t going to change that.

Everyone has access to healthcare – what about the “spending without paying” problem? You cannot be socially liberal and fiscally conservative. Life is not fair – but you also can’t ‘mandate’ fairness (referees are not supposed to ‘change’ the game). If the fat and unhealthy are a drain what about TBI – nearly $77B per year, OMG time to cancel baseball & football. Without a “national ID” of some kind how do we have Universal Health Care? The Government is supposed to have limited powers, people rights and freedoms – to ‘mandate’ fairness is to suppress freedom.

Sorry folks but it’s time to get out into the world and start being activists. I’m no alarmist but Rome is burning. Read the Declaration of Independence and compare it to what is happening today. The sentiments there echo what is happening today. No Socialistic Government exists today where people are free and prosperous – they all teeter on the edge of bankruptcy, have no moral fiber to keep them together as their populations move away from Nationalism and cohesiveness.

Conservatives are consistent, generally, while Liberals are not. Be an Activist, point those inconsistencies out – win the day.