Obama and Scientology

After having gotten sick to my stomach recently with the Fed bail out of “Wall Street to Main Street” it totally appears they have completely bypassed El Camino Drive.

Yes, I know that statement had absolutely nothing to do with the topic as posted, but, be patient a moment and I’ll end my Anti-Socialist tirade.

So, lemme see, where to begin?

Much like Scientology, Nobama has been using goons recently to prevent negativity against his campaign. The Missouri thing.

Much like Scientology many of his closest followers donate gazillions of dollars to his campaign anonymously.

Much like Scientology the throngs of supporters viewed on the telly during his appearances are obviously mesmerized or under some form of stimulant I am certain both the FDA and the FBI have outlawed. Remember the DNC in Denver and the mayor of Denver telling the cops not to prosecute or press charges against anyone caught with an ounce of pot or less? Damn, an OUNCE of weed cultivated in todays growing dens could anesthetize a pride or three of lions!

Much like Scientology many of his followers are Hollywierd Elites such as Sandra Burnout, Miss Hepatitis C herself Pamela Andersomeone, and let us not let die the Jeffrey Zucker produced little darlings singing their Hollywierd written songs of praise to the anointed one… Droids in waiting if you ask me.And the great orator himself, some of the whiz bang he has spoken recently especially in his debate with McCain buttering the old guy up with all of those “Senator McCain is right” stuff every time he spoke.

Maybe it’s time someone who has the resources and the web sense to locate things like that could perhaps find him in a photo or video alongside Tom or Mr. Saturday Night Fever himself John Travolta. That would be a start.

And the runner ups should also go to Mr. Bill Ayers of the Weather Underground (quite the oxymoron, no?) And for some reason, I can not for the life of me understand why none of the other politicians he ran against in local campaigns in Chicago have not spoken up about him. Maybe some of those Scientologist type threats against friends and families?

As I said, to me there seems to be many similarities between the two and I think a good investigative reporter just may be able to get something out of the proverbial turnip on this.