I am absolutely on cloud nine!

First, let me say I tried to follow the VP choice blogs since joining this site and did not see this one coming. Now, let me say that after a little reading and research on this fine CONSERVATIVE politician I am again a VERY PROUD Republican! Not that I was not proud before, but this is truly exciting!
I have been in support of John MCCain since his nomination and now am behind this ticket 110%. He could as some are saying done better, but, honestly, I don’t see how. This choice for VP has all of the integrity, intelligence and imagination to bring solutions to the table and the drive to see them through for the benefit of the American family. Sarah Palin hyas had a fine upbringing in a middle calss household, is no stranger to the middle class challenges and can go toe to toe with the big boys. We, (to echo John McCain) my friends are represented by what can only be described as the Anti-Obama ticket. This is now the difference betwen night and day in these two campaigns. One campaign says it wants to do, the other has the track record to prove it has done what is best for our nation and citizens.the Libs must be punching holes in the drywall over McCains pick trying to come up with anything negative that won’t self implode in their faces! She is a working Mom, how will the feminazis deal with that? She is a Mom who teaches not only her own children but others on her own time, what will the liberal teachers uinions say about that? She is a Union member as his her husband, DOH! What can the Union bosses say about that? She has a newborn child developmentally challenged, and if that doesn’t strike fear into Mr. Infanticide I don’t know what does! Heck, he can’t even say anything disrespectful or Mr. Palin might take him out to the woodshed for a talkin’ to… John, you done good my friend, you done good!

Thank you Sir!