Cuomo Turns To Pot In White House Bid

Andrew CuomoGov. Cuomo is about to announce, via executive action (sound familiar?), that 20 hospitals around the state will be allowed to prescribe marijuana to certain diseases. It will not be as liberal a policy as it is in states like California where even a backache score you a script for some weed. NY has some of the most punitive consequences for those caught dealing pot.

This decision indicates a major shift in policy and belief for the governor, who has long resisted legalizing medical marijuana. New York’s plan will be very restrictive and available through just 20 hospitals throughout the state and controlled by the NYS Dept. of Health for very specific illnesses.

Why the sudden sea change? Gov. Cuomo’s shift in policy comes at a time when neighboring New Jersey, where medical marijuana has been legal for some time, is about to see their governor Chris Christie run for the white house on the GOP ticket.