GOP Gunning For Gillibrands Seat

NY Post

ALBANY – Rep. Bob Turner is considering a challenge to U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand.

In a confidential letter today obtained by The Post, Brooklyn Republican Chairman Craig Eaton asked his counterparts from across the state to draft Turner as the party’s candidate.

“The county chairmen are working him over pretty hard, and he has not ruled a Senate run out,” a GOP source said this afternoon of Turner. ”This is a very fast-moving situation.”



I live in Gillibrand’s district and when she ran for the house she barely won. She is an appointee who replaced Billary when she resigned to become SOS.


This is very doable. The winds have shifted here in NY somewhat and we now have a GOP controlled  State Senate run by Majority Leader Dean Skelos. Our Blue state is not so Blue outside of NYC and a few larger cities. We’re getting a foot hold, finally, out here in the sticks and the recent redistricting has swung in our favor.


I’d love to see Bob Turner win that seat. He was elected to replace Anthony Wiener in the Queens/Brooklyn district. Some heavy hitters from the NYC area are in favor and backing Bob.


Bob is a former TV exec and knows how to use the media to his advantage in a big way. There will be a state convention on Friday and they are attempting to avoid a primary.


This could be a very interesting turn of events, given that we lost two House seats to the Democrats in the mid-terms, one that was held for nearly 40 years by the GOP.