Gov. Chirstie - Is He The One for 2012?

Back in January of 2009 I wrote a short blog on a rising star in New Jersey that can still be read here.

As I said then he was the right man and many here at RS soon took up the call to arms and supported his position.

The 46-year-old Republican with a reputation as a corruption-busting prosecutor has been flirting with a gubernatorial bid since resigning as U.S. Attorney Dec. 1.

The Newark Star Ledger article on him at the time is still available. It’ll perhaps provide some insight on the man before he became Governor of New Jersey.

Lately there have been some comparisons of Chirsite and Palin and the fact that there seems to be a confrontation brewing between the two.

A Quinnipiac University poll on Monday revealed that Christie scored higher than any other potential 2012 candidate on its “hotness index,” which measures the intensity of warmth voters feel about a figure. Christie has said he won’t be a presidential candidate next year.

Palin, on the other hand, scored lower than 13 other potential 2012 Republican candidates. And, when broken down by party, even among Republicans — where her support is strongest — Palin managed only sixth place, while Christie led all 13 challengers.

Over the weekend, Palin fired her harshest shot yet at Christie. Her words weren’t just inflammatory; the whole context was kerosene.

I assume that there is a great deal of “assumption” in this article which can be read here, and even though Christie says he won’t run next year I urge you to help him change his mind.

In an excerpt from that 2009 Newark Star Ledger article the following quote was made by Tom Wilson:

“It’s a positive development in the minds of Republican, a late Christmas or Hanukkah present,” state Republican Chairman Tom Wilson said. “For somebody who has never won a statewide campaign before, he has some qualities he’s bringing to the race we have not seen.”

I am going to write a long letter to the Governor this afternoon. I think Chris Christie is the right man for 2012. I love Gov. Palin, but as I said when she was announced as John McCain’s running mate and to the dismay of many of my fellow RedStater’s back then, I don’t think she is the right person for the job.