Our Embarrassment - Barack Obama

It is nearly a year since the frenzy of the November 2008 election. The results did not turn out the way conservatives and Republicans had hoped. With that said it means that the Democrats won the election, or did they? America has made mistakes in choosing a leader in the past and we most certainly will in the future. I had stated repeatedly during the run-up to the primary and general elections that it’s the person that sells best to the public that gets elected, and I used the analogy of Madonna, a little know actor that was package by a group of promoters and business men and turned into a cash generating machine. The same is true of Barack Obama, albeit a cash dispensing machine, dispensing large sums of the green backs to any one that sticks out their hand, no PIN required.


We were quiet simply sold a bill of goods. The World Governments, the American people and especially the Democratic Party were sold a hollow, ineffective leader that has taken the most respected and revered job in the world, President of the United States and turned our country into an embarrassment.


By and large throughout recent history America has commanded respect throughout the world and very few governments would ever say no to a reasonable request from our leader. I am afraid that is no longer true. At every turn one country after another has been saying NO to the United States. While there are always those that have an opposing view of our decisions and have respectively voiced them, there have never been so many countries at one time saying no to our leader or criticizing his decisions.


He has made so many bad decisions regarding our foreign policies that America has become an embarrassment to many Americans that are so proud of this country, among our friends in the global community. He is seen as an ineffective leader and as the image of our leader is often used to represent the image of America, we are seen as an ineffective power that once dominated the balance of power.


While our friends on the other side of the isle may not agree with my assessment of our President, it is my belief that they too are embarrassed by their choice of a Democrat to hold the office in the White House. And therein lays the truth of what I have said. President Obama isn’t using the office as a tool for effective leadership; he is merely a placeholder in that office until the time comes for us to correct our mistake in 2012.