A "No Class" Inauguration Crowd

Moe has posted the video link on the front page, thank you Moe Lane.

And now my 2 cents

While this may have been the most expensive inauguration in history, it was attended by a large group of “low class, no count” thugs. I mean that in every sense of the word. Even the ultra Obama smoozer of all time, Chris Mathews, could be heard saying, “Bad form here, bad form.”

Many may not have agreed with GWB and his policies (even here at RedState) he was STILL the President of the United States, and is a good, honorable and decent man. To be treated like this during such a monumental historical event says just one thing, and it’s some thing many of us have said for a long time. “The majority of Democrats are thugs”, and it couldn’t have been more apparent today.

As the current POTUS was being announced, this crowd of hoodlums on the Mall began to boo President George W. Bush. Hoodlums, thugs, punks, no class low life’s, no counts… I am too mad right now to think of other adjectives to describe this crowd.

To be fair, there were many honorable people in attendance and IMHO none more honorable the the Tuskegee Airman and to tarnish their honor, there service to our country, to belittle George W. Bushes service to us all in a time of crisis is absolutely, positively unforgivable.

This whole affair is getting a bit over done. Thomas Jefferson simply walked from his boarding house, over to Capital Hill, was sworn in and started working. It should be just that simple.

I will remember this day for ever, not as one where the first African American was installed as the President of the United States, but as the most distasteful act of public humility I have ever witnessed, it it will forever taint my view of President Obama.