I'm 3 Years Old Today

I haven’t been around much lately, hardly at all in fact. But, I took the time to stop by today to read up on what my friends were saying, and I realized that it was my birthday. I’m a grown up RedStater now, with 1,094 days under my belt.

It’s been a great 3 years here, I have gotten mad about 345 times, sad a few, aggravated several dozen times, make that a lot, but I always come back because, this is where the future of our democracy lies.

I firmly believe that everyone here will have a chance to change destiny, and keep this country from sliding into the abyss of the left.

I have seen no better debate, anywhere on the Internet, that is intelligent debate with meaningful results.

Keep up the great work Erick and the rest of the directors.

Man, I just love this place…