Sarah Palin in Vouge - Rush Will Be Drooling!

Sarah Palin’s physical beauty would seem to be a deterrent to people taking her seriously, and that may be her secret weapon. As seen here is this photo from Vouge magazine standing by her families Seaplane, she is a strikingly good looking woman. She has that naughty Librarian look, and it can be quite disarming.

Palin, VougeBehind all that beauty is a brain that can match anyones wit and her charm makes her all the more dangerous to the adversary.

The morning I went to visit Palin’s office, CNN was interviewing the governor on the subject. “Has Alaska become a joke?” the reporter asked, referring to the way lawmakers seemed to revel in their venality, even having caps printed with the initials CBC, for “Corrupt Bastards Club.”Palin grimaced. “It breaks my heart to hear that we are being ridiculed like that, but it just solidifies my commitment to clean things up,” she answered. Since taking office in December 2006, she has enacted legislation mandating a one-year waiting period for politicians between leaving office and working for the energy industry. She also put the Westwind jet her predecessor had bought up for sale on eBay. He had argued he needed the plane to fly around the state, but the small native villages that dot the interior of the state have gravel runways. Westwind jets can land only on asphalt.

The story is a great pre-McCain endorsement and one that I find fascinating.