It's Time To Remind The Electorate Of One Little Fact

It’s time to remind the electorate of one little fact, and that fact is that the extreme factions in the Middleast have a huge interest in an Obama win.

They will no doubt feel emboldened and there is sure to be a surge if Obama wins, however it won’t be a US Military surge, it’ll be a Jihad surge of the utmost importance.

Remember this little ditty, this showed up around the world when it became clear that Obama was a front runner in the primary.

Obama, Hamas, Ahmed Yousef

And then there was this little fellow stating how Hamas would love to see Mr. Obama in the White House. Ahmed Yousef, if you need to be reminded, is the poliltical policy maker for Hamas…

Obama, Hamas, Ahmed Yousef

It’s time to bring this back out of the closet and shout about it some more.