Why I might have to vote for Hilary Clinton...


When I think of an ideal presidential candidate, the words conniving and deceitful do not usually come to mind. I do however, think of these words when I think of Hilary Clinton. I never in my wildest dreams thought that I could even consider voting for a candidate who introduced universal healthcare to the United States Senate. Let alone a candidate who is immensely anti-gun, strongly pro-choice, did a horrific job of managing the State Department, and at the very best was “grossly negligent” in handling sensitive State Department documents.

Though I detest Hillary, I do not think she would destroy our Republic. At least, not over the course of four years. I cannot say the same about Donald J. Trump. Mr. Trump is not only incredibly misguided he is flat out dangerous. Mr. Trump has the worldview of the fired reality TV personality he is, very similar to Snooki (no offense Nicole). This is someone who thinks that we can have our neighbor and ally to the south pay for a border-fence, and that he can bully American corporations into where they must build their plants and factories. How is this in any way a Republican position? Government dictating to business where, when and how to do business sounds more like Socialism than anything Ronald Reagan would approve of.

In terms of foreign policy, while frankly I don’t agree with Mrs. Clinton very often and I certainly rebuke her taking money from the Saudi Arabian Government, she is a heck of a lot better than The Donald. Trump has said that he will destroy and “bomb the $#!&” out of ISIS, but refuses to commit ground troops. How exactly would that work? He has said he will remain “neutral on Israel”, while in the same breath saying that “Israel has no greater friend.” Reconcile that, and you deserve instant MENSA membership.

In these dangerous and uncertain times we are living in can we really afford to take a chance on such an unknown? And what we DO know, is that the vast majority of GOP Senators and Congressmen can’t stand Trump and that he is killing “down ballot” election polling for Republicans around the country. And the worst part is that he’s not even a Republican! When did being pro-choice, pro-gun control and pro-trade protectionism become conservative principles? Hillary is more of a Republican than he is!

And while Mr. Trump promised he would release the full Republican National Convention schedule last Tuesday night… he did not. Surprise, surprise, just a few more lies.  Right now, all signs point to figures such as Bobby Knight and Don King as featured speakers. While not many enjoy sports more than I do, can somebody please explain what substance Don King can bring to a political discussion?

I still can’t believe I’m typing what I’m typing. I may still in the denial phase but what I do know is that I cannot and will not vote for Donald Trump. While I pray every day that the #DumpTrump movement picks up steam and the Trump insane train is finally stopped in Cleveland, I will say with certainty that I will never vote for Donald Trump, and will work as hard as I humanly can to help him lose, should he be my party’s nominee. Hilary Clinton is the antithesis of the ideal candidate, but at least she isn’t an instant danger to my beloved country. Is it 2020 yet?

David P.

Republican since 2000