Hey Bill Kristol, The Election is not over!

Bill Kristol, you Sir are a fraud, a wannabe Reagan Conservative, it is weak Centrist inside the beltway Republicans like you, who have brought America to the cusp of a disaster that disaster is Barrack “Barry” Obama. Thanks for pushing an unbeliever like John McCain onto the party faithful, the consistent call for bipartisanship by people such as yourself, is going to lead to a monumental defeat.

Sir, you have a lot of nerve calling for the McCain campaign to start over just three weeks before the Presidential election, remember, it was you that thought a centrist candidate like John McCain would attract moderates over to the GOP; wrong! The way you win national elections in this country is the conservative Ronald Reagan blueprint; you stand up for conservative values and conservative economic solutions, while rallying the base of the mighty GOP.

John McCain just might lose this election, but it will not be because he pushed Reagan conservative principles as solutions to government created problems that are currently hurting Americans. John McCain and Sarah Palin will win because conservatives turned out in record numbers to vote just like we did in 1994 and 2004. What if the New York Football Giants decided three days before the 2008 Super Bowl against the New England Patriots was over?

We know what happened in perhaps the greatest Super Bowl ever played, the Giants whipped the daylights out of New England; Sir this election is not over and John McCain can still win. Why don’t you fire yourself Sir, the era of Reagan is not over and independents and moderates are nothing more than democrats that’s the real truth. How dare you declare this race over after you pushed McCain on all of us; be a man and fight to the end, you made a choice, now stick with it or lose your credibility forever.

Now we conservatives are not happy about John McCain winning the nomination, but that is where we are at and we cannot afford a Barrack Obama Presidency so we will pull McCain over the finish line. Finally, when this election is over, we will rid the party of weak centrist Republicans like you Mr. Kristol.

May God Bless Ronald Reagan, and May God Bless America!