The Death of Black America

Black America is dead, destroyed by liberalism deliberately and effectively, destroyed be an inferior liberal school system run by the liberal National Education Association (NEA) and its flunkies in the Teachers Unions across America.Barrack Obama is the colossal glittering jewel of what a liberal education is all about, the liberal institutions of the Ivy League has once again molded the perfect socialist candidate (so they think) in Barry Obama. Barry “The Messiah” Obama isn’t black; he is a lefty liberal, a socialist from the pits of the hate America crowd.Black America used to stand for independence and the belief at one time that if you were black, as a black in America, you had to study harder, work harder than white Americans (I believe all Americans should work to obtain their full potential). Thanks to white liberal guilt, liberals have successfully convinced black Americans that you no longer have to be better, just continue to vote for us and we will make sure that all of your problems are solved. Never mind that the resolutions revolve around good old fashion socialism, the kind of socialism that led to the destruction of the black family in the first place.“It’s not your fault and when we control the American government, we are going to punish the man and lift you up (white liberals have been promising this for 40 pulse years).” The only thing that is going to be accomplished by an Obama Presidency is we will simply fill in a blank, the economic and social freedom that we as Americans have enjoyed will be swept away by an angry black, radical, liberal Community Activist from Chicago.The mere thought that all of Black Americas problems will be solved by the election of the first so called Black President is foolish at best. Obama is not the Messiah!Tell me, how is it that Black America would trust a government that is responsible for cruel medical experiments on Black men with solving Black Americas problems?No, I testify to you that the government has always been the problem and with the wicked witch of the west Nancy Pelosi (I am trying to save the planet Pelosi) running the U.S. House of Representatives, and the Scarecrow Harry Reid running the democrat control of the Senate, as Yoda would say, “Matters are worse.”
There are only three things that the democrat party and the liberals in control of the party care about, abortion on demand, wealth redistribution as a tool to maintain power and environmental Marxism. Black America has been so negatively impacted by the liberals thirst for abortion on demand; we have been officially passed up by Hispanic Americans as the most populace minority in the country.Black America is dead, destroyed by hatred of the greatest beacon of freedom the world has ever known. White liberals have successfully transformed their guilt into black American democrats as raw anger and hatred for the country.Get whitey and take all of his wealth so he knows how it feels to be on the outside looking in, never mind that we are all Americans and in order to destroy whitey, you have to destroy Americas free market capitalist system (we will all be in the soup line), the single greatest economic system ever created the world over. Free market capitalism has allowed black America to strive and to make great leaps, and bounds ask Oprah Winfrey, ask BET founder Robert Johnson, or ask Ervin “Magic” Johnson.Black America is dead, destroyed by the anger that runs rampant in urban hip-hop cultural, it is time for black America to let go of the anger, it is time for black America to leave the democrat party plantation and return to the real party of civil rights, the party of Lincoln. Socialism is not the answer; democrat socialist solutions will only lead to more misery.In fact, Black America makes up about 13% of the American population 2% of the 13% is the real black America, the other 98% has stopped being black and adopted democrat as their race. Now we can correct all of these indiscretions by joining the conservative American movement, a movement that believes in more freedom not less, a movement that believes in lower taxes, less government, a comprehensive energy policy that means drilling for more oil in America. A strong economy, a revamped education system that permits school choice and less government will revive not only black America, but all Americans.It is time to make a change, we need to junk black American pop culture, and the Hip Hop movement that has defaced, debased and ridiculed this great country, a country that has made a lot of black entertainers rich beyond their wildest dreams.
Finally, we need to check our arrogance at the door, when I hear a fabulous entertainer like Alisha Keys say that “Everyone wants to be black,” my heart sinks. Alisha Keys should be thanking God first, and then thanking her lucky stars that she was born in the United States and not Afghanistan. Ms. Keys you are an intellectual light weight and perhaps you should take a little advice from the world’s greatest athlete, the great one Tiger Woods, never say anything to alienate the other side, they buy stuff too.

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