Is John McCain really a Reagan Conservative?

John McCain has stated on several occasions that he deserves to take the mantle of the late great Ronald Reagan if John McCain wishes to claim this mantle, then he needs to stop breaking President Reagan’s number one rule, “Thou shall not attack another Republican (i.e. Chris Cox).” The Bush administration has been calling for the reform of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac almost since the “W” entered the White House, I fail to see how the financial mess that was cooked-up by the Clinton Administration is the fault of Republicans.

Senator McCain, you gained the forgiveness of all conservatives by naming Sarah Palin to the GOP ticket, which not only energized the sleeping giant of the Republican base, but set the country on fire! Please, you are stemming the momentum that you have built-up in this election thus far by letting the democrats off the hook, Chris Dodd, Barney Frank and Chucky Schumer should go to jail! The socialist democrats in congress have brought this country to the brink of destruction with their energy policy, with their affordable housing scheme that has led us into the current financial crises.

Senator McCain if you want to be President McCain, then you have to get conservatives like myself motivated to go to war for you! Stop trying to pander to democrats and the so called independents and just speak the truth this Friday night in Mississippi is your chance to wow us again as you did in your acceptance speech. Senator McCain go to war for us, if you do, we will gladly follow you into battle.

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