The Drunk Driver DA who hates Gov. Rick Perry

I am not a fan of hypocritical Democrats who have been caught drunk driving.  I also do not approve of Democrats who use their position and connections to wiggle out of the charges they face and get off free.  And to add to that, I am outraged when connected Democrats threaten law enforcement and victims when law enforcement catch them while they’re drunk driving.

Coming from a state with many DWI problems and Democrats who use their connections and positions to wiggle out of DWI charges, Rick Perry’s story hits home…

I didn’t follow the incident with Texas Governor Rick Perry particularly well, but when I watched the booking footage of District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg going crazy at the police station and threatening law enforcement [see video below] it really got my attention.

Governor Rick Perry stood for what was right in calling for Ms. Lehmberg’s resignation.  Can anyone deny that the video below has “RESIGN IMMEDIATELY” written all over it?

Stand with Governor Rick Perry

Sign on his website, watch the video below and share the message!

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