Redefining marriage in New Mexico would hurt equality

In New Mexico the Left is attempting to change the definition of marriage– a sacred vow between one man and one woman.

In New Mexico, marriage licenses are written to allow ONE MALE applicant and ONE FEMALE applicant.  The forms make it clear.  But beginning this fall something changed.  One county clerk just decided to order new marriage licenses– going around the law and printing marriage licenses that did not specify gender.  Court orders from judges followed in several counties across the state and more county clerks decided to disregard the law.  State AG (Aspiring Governor, not Attorney General) Gary King refuses to uphold the law and stop these actions.  County clerks don’t write law.  Judges don’t write law.  Attorney’s general cannot selectively enforce laws.

But back to marriage– this Wednesday the New Mexico Supreme court will hear arguments on marriage, and NMSC Justices will either rule to enforce the law, or give a ruling that will do something our judges are not supposed to do…  Change the law and redefine marriage.

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Opening a can of worms

My great concern is where this will take us.  While the Left says it’s all about love, I see it from the perspective that there must be boundaries and that we must protect our families.

– In the name of love for all, New Mexico could be forced to allow Gay Marriage between siblings, which could lead to marriages between opposite-sex siblings.

– In the name of love for all, we could easily see polygamy come to life.  After all, what about those who are bisexual and make their discovery after they’ve been married to an opposite-sex partner for years?  It would be discrimination to not allow them to follow their heart and real love, would it not?  How will these kinds of relationships be dealt with in the future?

Affects of same-sex marriage on the family

First, there is not one chance in a thousand that a same-sex couple will procreate.  So a family comprised of two parents of the same sex is unnatural, potentially creating problems for any child a couple may wish to raise.  The LGBT community is small and research is slow and often inaccurate…we have yet to see the full results of the psychological effects that same sex partnerships give children, but without a doubt having a traditional family is much better for a child’s well-being.

Studies show that divorce (or break-up) rates between same-sex couples are substantially higher than divorces between heterosexual couples.  Break-ups between Lesbians are the highest, which is common sense, because women are more likely to ask for a divorce than men.  High divorce (or break-up) rate is just another reason why homosexual marriages are not the direction we need to go and why the “marriages” hurt society.

The common-sense equal-rights approach

Men and women are very different.  It is necessary that we recognize that the genders are different in many ways though they should be be enabled to have equal opportunities in our society.  Understanding and respecting the distinction between genders keeps society stable– recognizing the differences is what enables and secures equality.  Refusing to acknowledge gender differences would lead to chaos and a danger that women would be oppressed due to practices in most societies which generally favor males.

Marriage holds society together and is a social institution that clearly gives the distinction that men and women are equally valuable as they are– men and women.  Through marriage we see a beautiful form of social cooperation between the two sexes.  Other places in society where men and women there is segregation– from public bathrooms to sports– but marriage is different…

Redefining marriage would be a terrible mistake.

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New Mexicans deserve to see the New Mexico Supreme Court Justices uphold the law as it was written and as it has been interpreted for decades.  We should not expect less.

“So God created man in His own image…Male and female created He them.” – Genesis 1:27

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