Crazy protester shows how leftists ‘respect’ free speech

While gun-toting conservatives and libertarians are often portrayed as fanatical this guy is a leftist doing what conservatives are often accused of being– a nuisance and an abuser of free speech.  The protester in this video showed up at a gathering of patriot gun owners in southern New Mexico and attempted to disrupt the event with obscene gestures, profanity and a violence streak all while wearing a mask over his face.  The Democrat protester wearing a T-shirt in support of Obama also sported a ‘Legalize Pot’ sign which he waved in people’s faces.

As the Stand Your Ground 2nd Amendment rally progressed the protester taunted gun owners asking if they were going to pull their weapons on him and stop his interruptions of the speaker at the mic.  After continued rude behavior this protester finally got physical and the police came over to arrest him.  He was given his chance but was becoming violent.

While I have been to many protests, I have never seen those on my side of the aisle behave in this manner.  There is no reason for it…but some leftists just do not understand that.

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