Marriage: Pillar of Society? Or…

What is marriage?  As traditionally defined:

mar·riage – [mar-ij] – noun

1. A.  The social institution under which a man and woman establish their decision to live as husband and wife by legal commitments, religious ceremonies, etc.
As the Bible has said:

“But from the beginning of the creation God made them male and female. For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and cleave to his wife; And they twain shall be one flesh: so then they are no more twain, but one flesh.”  Mark 10:6-8

Throughout history marriage has been something that is considered an important part of society.  It is the binding of two people of the opposite sex.  This couple has plans to share their lives together and in most cases, raise a family.

Marriage is the bond that keeps families together, but in recent years the progressive agenda has sought to pull apart the traditional family.  During the fundamental makeover our nation faced in the last half of the past century, many values were completely uprooted.  From The Pill which opened the door for Roe v. Wade to government’s control over our schools, the traditionally defined family is facing troubling times.  While many cheered the progressive movement, others were indifferent believing that the movement did not matter or little could be done to stop it.  There have been too few champions for our cause.
While I do not believe the federal government can or should ‘legislate morality’ so to speak, at the same time a line must be drawn on what is right and wrong. If we do not have a moral standard of some kind it may leave us on the brink of anarchy.  A look at the French Revolution in the eighteenth century makes it clear that no rules do not lead to the best for all or happiness.  Ideally people are smart enough to figure out that this is wrong and we are never forced to take action.  Sadly those guarding the gates in past generations were not vigilant and government is being forced to make a decision.
If legalized, same-sex marriage may have a strong impact on our nation.  Life with two moms or two dads could be confusing for some children and may lead to unneeded trauma.  What is more, society as a whole is forced to accept this ‘marriage’ as if it were as normal as traditional marriage.  Things that are different are not the same.  Men and women have completely different chemistry.  We will never get offspring from the relationship same-sex couples have.
As a states rights, tenth amendment advocate and a Constitutionalist I see a couple sides to this issue.  Many agree with me when I say polygamy would not be good for our culture, not because of the consenting adults involved, but because of the children.  If we allow same sex marriage to be law we will be opening the door for polygamy.  Let’s say John Doe is married to Jane Doe, but also has an extramarital relationship with Jack Jones.  John Doe is bisexual.  If same sex marriage is legalized John Doe may want to marry Jack Jones, yet still maintain a relationship with Jane Doe.  Will government  stop them?  They claim they ‘love’ each other!  Through this alone polygamy has a foothold in the door.   After all, this is all about Equality.   Why not give everybody an equal chance to ‘love’?  If we redefine marriage we will see a form of rule with lawful lawlessness. There has to be a standard somewhere.  Where will the standard eventually settle?The discussion about same sex marriage is not a battle of equality, but a fight for control.  There is no such thing as perfect equality– it is impossible because nothing in this world is ever perfectly equal.  To say perfect equality exists is an emotional argument.  What we will see should same sex marriage be legalized is the injection of same sex marriage into our society with a strong force behind it.
Marriage has a definition.  The left (and unfortunately many libertarians) see a chance to redefine something that has a history of thousands of years.  Marriage is sacred.  Should government have control, give out benefits?  Maybe, maybe not, but the homosexuals are not simply after equality and these prized benefits.  If one is truly a Constitutionalist and wants government out leave things at what has traditionally been the status quo.   Nothing is wrong, nothing is broken, nothing needs to be fixed.Marriage is between ONE man and ONE woman. Anything more or less is a different kind of relationship and not marriage. Two female electric plugs will never fit together and two male electric plugs will never fit together.  You can tie ’em together, but the fact will never change that they were not made to be together.  Even two non-working electric plugs (male and female) join together because they were made to join.  Everyone identifies him/herself as one gender or the other from birth.  Though some may not have the ability to have offspring, all are either from one sex or the other.  The joining of two opposites to create ONE.While some who live these alternative lifestyles are kind and good people, others are on a course to redefine our society and every point of life which is (or once was) focused around the traditional family and the home. Take children for instance and the life of our kids.  While in today’s culture there are many single parent homes and kids who do not know what having a father means, imagine what it will be like when a significant portion of our children are going to school with kids who have ‘two moms’ or ‘two dads’  and the public school system is encouraging our kids to live and accept this lifestyle.  Another form of inadequate home life will not help. If I am going to bake a cake, but keep the dry ingredients separate from the wet doubling the dry will not help solve the problem because the other important ingredients are still missing.  We still do not have a cake!  While religions often grow by having kids, the chemistry doesn’t work right for homosexuals who are forced to recruit, often at the expense of forcing us to accept their behavior and lifestyle as normal and even a good choice.  They see what we have and wish to destroy.
Increasingly we are seeing kids with transgender issues.  Parents forcing children into uncomfortable and awkward positions like those of Coy Mathis as well as Kathryn and Tyler.  Our children are being forced into situations where they must interact with kids such as these.  Where will it stop?
Another concern is the story of Lisa Miller and her biological daughter Isabella.  Lisa Miller was living the Lesbian lifestyle when she had a change of heart and was converted to Christianity:

After childhood abuse led Lisa Miller into a dysfunctional life of addictions and homosexuality, she experienced a change of heart, converted to Christianity and left the homosexual lifestyle, in which she had lived as “spouse” to another lesbian woman, Janet Jenkins. During their same-sex “civil union,” Miller had given birth to a daughter, Isabella, conceived through artificial insemination.  As a new Christian, Lisa Miller’s all-consuming focus in life was to be a good mother to Isabella. However, after a Vermont judge demanded that Lisa allow her former lesbian partner, Janet Jenkins, to have unsupervised visits with little Isabella, Lisa’s nightmare – which continues to this day – got its start.

According to the testimony of experts and eyewitnesses, the court-ordered visits were severely traumatizing the child, and Isabella’s court-appointed advocate said Jenkins was “turn[ing] her world upside down.” A clinical therapist testified Isabella appeared “traumatized” by her visits with Jenkins, and that “unsupervised visits … could cause permanent damage to normal development.”

A social worker testified the little girl “suffers from sleep disturbance and nightmares, having difficulty sleeping through the night,” adding that “Isabella also talks about death, and has expressed fear that if her mother Lisa dies she will be at risk. Without prompting, Isabella has said she is afraid that Janet Jenkins may take her away from Lisa.”

Worse, Lisa Miller told the court her child had referred to being forced to bathe naked with Jenkins, had begun to touch herself sexually and appeared disturbed and unhappy following visits, according a report by LifeSiteNews, which links to four court affidavits by social workers, therapists and others.

– WND, March 4, 2013

Do we want the above to be ‘normal’?  Do we truly need complications such as this where child is used as a pawn to control and push an agenda?

Things that are different are not the same. If we want government out of our lives and out of our bedroom do not seek or support the redefinition of marriage.  It will only lead to a society filled with chaos.  There is no mention of marriage in the Constitution or Bill of Rights, therefore the government has no authority to change what has been a definition since our nation’s founding.

I am not trying to speak against individuals who hold these beliefs or live this lifestyle.  I am simply stating some facts that should be considered.  There are some great people in the LGBTQ community and showing compassion should be a part of every person’s outlook.  We can and must get along with them.  There is simply a disagreement on choice of lifestyle.  We are all free to do what they will in their homes, nobody wants to change that.  Rejecting the chosen lifestyle of members of the LGBTQ community does not mean one is rejecting them as persons.  It is possible to both disagree with them, but interact and seek to encourage these people to return to nature’s design.

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