To Silence Opposition- A Suspension

On June 13th I was pulled into a discussion with a liberal after tweeting numerous tweets to the hashtags #LiberalismIn4Words and #ConservatismIn4Words when I was suspended.  To my knowledge @PolitixFireball is the largest account ever suspended for political opinion, free speech and disagreement with a liberal.

Below is the bulk and main line of our discussion:





During the process of posting another tweet I received a message that I was suspended. Pink ribbon appeared, disappeared and didn’t appear again for over an hour:

@StumblingBlock blocked @PolitixFireball:


An hour and a half after my suspension I was able to get reinstated. Twitter forced me to admit that I was at fault if I was to have @PolitixFireball reinstated:


I did not make unsolicited replies. The leftist @StumblingBlock, started the entire episode when he angrily replied to my tweets. He also mentioned me a total of 27 times while I replied to him only 19 times. Who should have reported who?

@utaustingliberal had contact with @StumblingBlock about the time @inGodwetrust76 was spam-blocked and before @PolitixFireball was suspended. They both had contact with conservatives, each other, and blocked conservatives at approximately the same time:

This is very similar to many other cases I have seen.  If we are to be a nation we must respect others.  Our views will often disagree, but this is no reason to lie and cheat to stop the voice of those we disagree with.
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