To Silence Opposition- #TwitterGulag

To Silence Opposition

The liberal’s assault on free speech continues. Attacks on conservatives– ordinary citizens who are only using Twitter as a platform to share their opinion. The cruel reality is that the liberals are determined to silence us and they obviously do not have plans to stop. They want us off of Twitter. They won’t stop at minimizing our voices, they want total domination of the social network.

They not only bully, but they feel they may suspend as well. Well over one hundred accounts have been sent to #TwitterGulag in the past couple months. The process they use is relatively simple. Nearly everyone on Twitter has used the ‘block’ button. These leftists discovered that it’s easy to suspend conservatives by getting a group together and mass spam-blocking and reporting those they hate to Twitter. Often a liberal will drag the prospective victim into a conversation. Then another leftist joins. The conservative replies, is retweeted and the rest of the gang pounces, report-spam/blocks and the account is sent to #TwitterGulag. A reply trap is also used on some. The liberal will ‘randomly’ pick a conservative to tweet to, then when the conservative replies the leftist will turn it in to Twitter for excessive mentions and the user will be suspended.

This began quite some time ago. Remember the days when #tcot took over hashtags like #IlikeObamaCare and #Gen44? This made the leftists furious. And in April they struck back by mass suspending conservatives. I didn’t really notice it until the Chris Loesch issue. These liberals wouldn’t even let a husband defend his wife when she was attacked and threatening comments were made! After this the suspension issue was publicized and #TwitterGulag became a common term for free speech suppression against conservatives on Twitter. At least one account suspended at that time for fighting alongside Chris Loesch in defense of his wife was not reinstated until this month.

During interviews for this article I learned much more about how these suspensions occur and how conservatives are silenced. Most reasons for suspensions have something to do with one of the following:

  • Tweeting about Obama using the #Obama hashtag or @BarackObama and attacking his liberal policies that are destroying our country.
  • Pushing for the reinstatement of another account (Chris Loesch’s in particular).
  • Defending Rush Limbaugh on the hashtag #StopRush and encouraging his sponsors to stay loyal.
  • Defending a fellow conservative blogger.
  • Confronting the Socialistic, Communist leaning Occupy movement.
  • Sharing one’s conservative stance on the leftist attack on women, #UAWOW, #WLF, etc.
  • Criticizing the union’s failed policies and tweeting to the #wiunion hashtag.
  • Taking a stand against Islam.
  • Any trending or popular hashtag is dangerous when the liberals think they’re beginning to look bad; nothing like losing a battle to cultivate the desire for revenge in a leftist.
  • Getting into conversations with any of the following leftists, @Lizardoid (or #LGF), @BlazePhoenix_, @Shoq, @GottaLaff, @KeithOlbermann to name a few.

These people with suspended accounts were not threatening people or other accounts. They were just voicing their opinion and the leftists hate them for that.

There are a couple ways that accounts can be suspended.

  1. The report-spam/block button. Instead of using the standard block that most of us would use on a disagreeable liberal these suspension teams orchestrate mass report-spam/block on an account to have it suspended.
  2.  Reply trap. The leftist will tweet an account in hopes that the admin will reply. If there is a reply they can file a report with Twitter and/or spam-report/block you.
  3.  Physically report the account to Twitter. Contacting @Spam and/or filing a ticket against an account.

The liberals love to target particular conservatives and have them suspended repeatedly. The same patterns are reoccurring. Reinstated then suspended; again and again. I have seen some accounts suspended four, five times. Sometimes after reinstatement the admin doesn’t even have time to tweet before the account is suspended. Reinstated by Twitter and suspended again in ten minutes with no new tweets and no changes made to the account in any way has occurred.

At other times the ‘spam reporting team’ follows the administrator to the next account (often the victim’s backup). They don’t seem to mind that the administrator hasn’t been spamming anyone or violating any Twitter rule. They don’t care that the person has been simply voicing his/her opinion. Liberals only want to silence another conservative voice, another patriot who wants to share an opinion is to be taken out of public view.  For tips on how to avoid #TwitterGulag please see my list here.

Suspension Cases

One of the most startling things is the discovery that it’s possible to be suspended with no tweets, no excessive following (accounts that followed ten or less conservative and Republican celebrities). The accounts did not break any rules. No reason given for the suspensions below, which must have been victims of spam-report/block:


@EggPatrol1 (now reinstated):



This clearly shows that there is more to this suspension than one of the theories the liberals are circulating saying conservatives are suspended because we attack the liberals and annoy or spam them. The accounts shown above did nothing.

For the most part leftists disregard these suspensions and brush them aside as irrelevant. It’s easy to understand. They are not victims and if it means opposition is silenced they naturally would not find a problem with it.

One conservative account @inGodwetrust76 replied to @utaustinliberal and was spam-blocked. The conservative hadn’t been spamming. One tweet to the liberal, then the angry leftists admits to spam blocking the account:

Though now reinstated @PinkySinclair did suspend @mrgeology.  Thankfully @mrgeology was reinstated quickly.


@PinkySinclair attacks

A discussion with a lib then the B & R is used and somebody is sent to #TwitterGulag (I worked to get him reinstated).

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