Twitter Justice

Where is the justice on Twitter??

The past couple weeks I have seen many of my friends on Twitter disappear. They are being suspended because they made liberals angry. But it wasn’t that they were doing anything wrong. They simply stood up for what they believed. This wasn’t an issue of spamming another user or threatening someone. Often the person was defending someone– maybe Rush Limbaugh, or a fellow conservative who blogs. Perhaps they were calling out an elected official or criticizing the Obama administration. There have been many situations and each one has been slightly different. However, they have been united by the factor that they have each been unjustly suspended. This silencing of conservatives has the potential of affecting each of us on the social networks.

This Twitter suspension has become a free speech issue– liberals do not seem to know or care that there is something guaranteed to us in the Bill of Rights, the first amendment. A conservative speaks up, is attacked, then suspended. That convenient ‘block and report as spam’ button is used readily by those who want to silence the conservative force. It is an organized effort. These are people being suspended, not spam accounts. I’ve known some of them for quite some time– we’ve had great discussions in the past.

After suspension it is natural to attempt to have one’s account reinstated. Satisfactory reasons for suspension would be helpful. In most cases no reason is given for suspension and if an account is reinstated is often attacked furiously and taken out again, even after no additional tweets are posted. There is obviously a problem here; people are being targeted because they have expressed an opinion that was not approved by the liberals.

Like many others on Twitter I’ve run into my share of crazy liberals. They love to attack us, maybe even hint at a threat or similar. Why aren’t these accounts suspended? These people have done enough to receive their reward- suspension, but I haven’t seen it happen. They have done far more than most of us conservatives would dream of.

At this point the greatest thing we can do is attempt to raise awareness and encourage justice for our friends in the Twitter Gulag. This important issue must be brought to light and the truth must be known.

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