Today we learned that one of the last of the major GOP presidential candidates will soon be leaving the race. This ought to send a signal to us. If we’re not already awake it’s time for us to join. We have a candidate who will likely be our nominee. As citizens of the United States we will not allow Obama to be reelected. We are free and equal and will not allow leader of any kind to take away our freedoms.

Join or Die

Join or Die: this is a motto that has historical significance. Our founders were faced with the likelihood that if they did not unite the consequences could very well be fatal. The thirteen colonies did unite and we are here because of that decision. Today we face decisions that are also important. The past four years have brought changes, the economic viewpoint alone is devastating, but this administration has assaulted nearly every front that our founders stood for. Our freedom of speech, religious liberty and state sovereignty to name a few things. Those who have worked to defend the Constitution have been silenced or pushed aside. Matters that should have never been considered to be an issue have been challenged.

The President’s healthcare plan alone demonstrates his determination. Statistics show that the majority of Americans object to this law. Why would he force it upon us? It will cost far more than had been originally estimated and will lead to an even greater deficit which our children inherit, yet the administration continues to say that we ‘need’ it. Without the restraints of a coming reelection where would the president take us?

This year is about strategy. We all have our different opinions of how this should move forward, but the primary issue is that we are together on the goal– defeat Obama. We should not rest until we have done our part to the greatest extent to see that Barack Obama will not be reelected. The only way that can happen is by getting behind the Republican nominee completely. There is no perfect presidential candidate, and when the numbers add up there is no other way to win.
We’re on the battlefront. We have the choice to unite and fight…or run and see how fast the enemy can catch us. The time is now, the war is here.

Join…or freedom dies.

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