Defeating Obama– The Citizen Journalist

For many of us the evening of that Tuesday felt like the beginning…of the end. This was not what we had hoped for, worked toward. Now we are faced with another election– this time we have a chance to undo what occurred in 2008.  We have an opportunity to work against Obama and fight the failed policies he has enacted.  But how? What is our strategy?  Doubtless there will be many strategies, but one thing we must combat is the main stream media.  This may be a tough assignment but for those of us who enjoy a challenge and a battle against the forces of evil it be fun and another experience behind us.

Andrew Breitbart

Enter the Citizen Journalist.  Andrew Breitbart has become a hero to many of us.  His willingness to fight against what he believed to be wrong is inspiring.  I may not agree with him on everything, but his enthusiasm is contagious– he had a cause which he completely believed in.  I find that admirable. He was willing to risk everything for the sake of truth and justice.  Now we must carry on.  We are the Citizen Journalists of this nation.  We must be the ones to spread the truth that can defeat the socialism which has attained a foothold in our nation. If we do not do it who will??

As a Citizen Journalist I am joining the #BreitbartNet Team.  Together we have a goal to create great grassroots response to the liberal opposition. Spread the truth. There have been numerous problems that have come up during this administration that the media has given a pass: Fast & Furious, Solyndra, the Libyan crisis, the invading our personal freedom through ObamaCare, Obama’s Media Matters connection, NDRP, the doubling of the deficit, the rudeness to our nation’s allies, the suppressing of religious freedom, etc. There is nothing right in this and it should be confronted; this is our job. The mission of the #BreitbartNet Team.  I encourage you to join us to get the momentum built!!  The battle starts here– on our blogs and Twitter.

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