Time to Get Action

“Get action, do things; be sane, don’t fritter away your time; create, act, take a place wherever you are and be somebody: get action.”

– Theodore Roosevelt

What would Teddy Roosevelt tell us if he were alive today?  One thing is certain, we can listen to his wise words and get to work!!

Fellow Conservatives it looks like it is up to us.  Many of you would probably agree that we don’t have a star candidate, a perfect candidate.  This just means 2012 gives us the chance of having great potential.  Has anyone looked at Obama recently?  He’s the guy that has given us Obamacare and rising prices at the gas pump.  He is the one that refused to open the Keystone pipeline which would have created jobs and lowered the gas prices.  The statistics show us that there are millions of jobless people, which does not include those who are working part time or have been forced to take a job where they are well over-qualified.  This country is in a terrible mess and while most people are focused on getting a job or filling the tank of their vehicle, Obama is telling us we’re lazy!!  This is just one way to blame the failing economy on the American people– drawing attention away from Obama’s problems.

As president, Obama has done some things for the American economy that most presidents wouldn’t dream of.  He has given us an economic downgrade and doubled our national deficit.  These are colossal issues.  No other president can boast such accomplishments.  Then there are corruption issues.  We look at some problems which could potentially rival Watergate when we see Solyndra and the scandals of the Department of Justice unfold before our eyes.  These are great failures.  And we think we can’t beat this guy??  He’s destroying our economy and creating jobs in other parts of the world while our citizens protest in the streets.  The Occupy movement is arguably on his side, but they create a brilliant illustration of what has occurred,  Americans are fed up.  The Tea Party has done a wonderful job of energizing a base of voters and educating them in the way of the Constitution.  But it goes beyond the Tea Party.

It is time for us to rise collectively and tell Obama and his followers that we will not take it anymore.  Yes, we will always have differences, but don’t we share the same vision?  Love of our country should bind us together.  We can win, but it is impossible unless we stick together.

Fellow conservatives we must unite and after that it is our duty to fight– 2012 is finally here!!