Another Missing Senator for New York?

New Yorkers are an abused and neglected lot.  Of all the states, we alone have only one working United States Senator.  Since Hillary Rodham Clinton decided to set her eyes on being the Senator from New York — and then used that seat solely to advance her own political aspirations — we haven’t had a full-time Senator in something over two years now.  Even now, as the Carpet-Bagger Clinton awaits her Senate confirmation in the new Obama Administration, New Yorkers will simply have to do without.  (Why she simply doesn’t resign now and expedite the process is beyond me.)

But enough of the past.  Lets look at the future for New York.  We WILL have a new Senator soon.  And recent press reports indicate that this new senator will likely be Carolyn Kennedy Schlossberg. 

Who could be better qualified?  Her father was president.  Her uncle was New York’s senator in the 1960’s.  Her other uncle is a senator now.  Who could possibly be better?

Never mind, of course, that she has never once run for elected office.  Never mind, of course, that the furthest “upstate” she has likely been in 20 years are the mansions of Westchester.  Never mind that the only apparent qualification she has for holding the office is her family name and family wealth.  The Kennedy family is legendary royalty in Democratic political circles.  And as Mrs. Clinton so demonstrated when she chose to inject herself into New York’s political circle, New Yorkers of every party affiliation and viewpoint must genuflect at the altar of Democratic royalty — whether the royalty actually lives here or not; whether they have a political base here or not; and, ultimately, whether New Yorker’s are well served by them or not.

New York is rapidly becoming the cesspool for old washed-up Democrat political waste.  If you’re a prominent Democrat — or the progeny of one — you can pretty much come to New York and tell New Yorkers what they need.  There’s Caroline Kennedy (who apparently thinks a senate seat is a Kennedy family birthright); there’s Andrew Cuomo (whose father’s mismanagement brought New York to the edge of catastrophe); there’s Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. (whose 24/7/365 imitation of an elderly Katherine Hepburn has been annoying New Yorkers for over two decades now)…the list just goes on and on.  It won’t be long until Chelsea Clinton gets in the act, I’m sure.

Of course, the reason for this mixture of carpet-baggers and legacy indoctrinees into New York’s Democratic power structure is that most of our “farm-raised” New York Democrat politicans are unable to come to any positive national attention because they are either (a)unabashedly corrupt (see our former governor, whose penchant for paying tens of thousands of illegally laundered dollars for what look like skanky $50 street whores pretty much encapsulated the way he spent the state’s money, too); or (b) stunningly incompetent (as with New York City Comptroller Bill Thompson, whose lack of control over city finances became clear only after QVC, the shopping network, advised him that someone had purchased over a million dollars in electronics and jewelry using city funds.  The “comptroller”, apparently, had never bothered to balance the city’s checkbook or to exercise even a modicum of control over the city’s cash accounts.)

So, here we New Yorkers sit; victimized by corruption and incompetence by our own, ground-up Democrat political class and neglected and abused by Democratic has-beens and their family progene. The Republican party, such as it is, mostly just lays over and plays dead. 

The only question New York Republicans should ask themselves is: why the hell are we even staying in this high tax, over-regulated, over-governed, corrupt, Democrat-controlled stink hole?