"Moderate" voters - Mushie wimps - Take a stand already!!!

To my Conservative Friends:

In selecting his cabinet and staff, I have constantly hear the pundits say “President-elect Obama is going to the middle and will govern as a centrist or a moderate”… Yuck!!! I’d rather he be a unabashed liberal… This moderate stuff really ticks me off….

What is a “moderate” or an “independent”???? It sounds good right?? You can tell people that you are “open to all sides of the argument” and you “aren’t tied to any ideology or person”. You “look at the issue or candidate and decide on a case by case basis of what or whom to support”.

As the SNL Church Lady used to say – “Isn’t that Special”. You are so bright and intelligent, aren’t you… Independents and moderates are always courted vigorously during a campaign and they love the attention they get from all the media…

They wire these high-brows up during the debates and they “instantly” tell us what they liked and didn’t about what the candidates said…. “Oh, we have to do well with independents, they tell you”…

This all begs the question of “Who the hell is an moderate anyway?” and “Are they really moderate or are they just hiding their true colors to be looked at by society as an “intelligent” and “open minded”..

Ask a “moderate” a few simple questions and you can quickly find out who they truly are:

1. Are you against Re-distributing wealth from the upper class to the lower class?

If the person quickly exclaimed, “Isn’t is a good thing if we can all share in the success of each other’s gifts – Wouldn’t that be “fair” (a lib fave word) to help the less-fortunate” – They just might be a lefty!!

2. Are you for a strong Military?

If the guy went into a monologue that “Don’t we already have too much fighting in this topsy-turvy world today (like we conservatives like war)? And aren’t we all brothers and sisters on this big, great blue marble that we need to protect and nourish each other and the environment we all share” – He might be a lefty!!

3. Are you pro-life?

If the person went on a diatribe about its a constitutional right for a woman to “choose” (by the way – that is so false) and they go on to give you the “hanger in the back alley argument” – That person is most likely a lefty….

4. Are you for limited government spending just for defense, infrastructure and funds to operate the basic 3 branches of government? (btw – a lib would not know the 3 branches – side bet????)

If the individual goes into a soliloquy about the government needs to do more to provide health care as a birthright (missed that one in the Constitution too) and we need to spend more to protect endangered spotted-wild flamingo’s…. They most likely are lefties…

So I believe that there are very few if any, moderates… You either believe one way of governing or another. If you don’t know how you feel about these issues or are all over the map in answering, then your not a liberal or a conservative.

You are simply an uneducated, mis-informed voter and immediately get your MSNBC pin and Keith Overbite fan club card and get driven to the polls in a DNC van and told which lever to press…. And guess who that might be for????

Just my thoughts….

GOP Mike