Get your Barry Plates right here!!! Get'em while there hot!!!

To my Conservative Friends:

I am often amused at the lengths the media and the public has gone to immortalize this guy, but this has got to take the cake…. Before the guy steps foot in the oval office, before he writes a bill, passes a budget, does a single, solitary thing, they are fawning and bowing to the Messiah….

Do you want to eat your holiday bird on Barry’s face??? If so watch this:

This guy has become a rock star, now he must become a President… Can you imagine the size of this guys ego!!!!

I was not born yet when JFK was President, but I don’t think he received quite as much adulation before he even did anything in office… Barry, when you objectively look at it, has not done a thing to date… As a Community organizer, as a state senator or a US senator… Can the libs point to one piece of major legislation or cause that he stood for that was ground-breaking???? …. Crickets…. I thought so…

obama paris

The only problem is, Barry now has a real job with real responsibilities. If Paris screws up, maybe a few Starbucks go under or she is on the cover of the Enquirer for all to mock… If Barry messes up, the country and the world could suffer the consequences…


So lets get serious people… The man is the President of the United States, not Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam!!!! So I wish him success to run this country.

Otherwise, we’ll have to find other uses for those commemorative plates!!!

Just my thoughts…

GOP Mike

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