Dems play the blame game - Shameless!!!

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Democratic political hacks, Barney Frank and Chris Dodd conspiring….

During the Thanksgiving dinner, I am sure most of you sat at your dinner table with a lot of friends and family that you have not seen since before the election… And I am sure that you were appalled that when the economy came up, you heard the usual mis-informed, idiotic dim-witted comments like “Bush was asleep at the wheel”, the “Republicans screwed up this economy”, etc….

I am so sick and tired of hearing that the President and the Republicans are responsible for this economic mess… I am not saying that they don’t share some accountability, but lets get one thing straight – It was Bad Loans supported by the Dems that started this whole mess!!!

It is Real estate that makes our entire economy turn…. When there are no real estate transactions, nobody makes any money…. From Mortgage companies, investors, banks, title companies, attorneys, realtors, moving companies, contractors, handymen, landscapers, retailers and on and on…. If no transactions are occurring, the economy screeches to a halt…

I worked in the real estate field during the times when the dems pushed Fannie and Freddie to lower standards so anyone that could fog a mirror can get a no-down payment mortgage and Ta- da!!! Presto magic!!!! You have a mortgage!!! And this alone is the primary cause of this entire credit/economic mess this country, and the world, is mired in…

It was the dems who pushed for the low standards on behalf of their constituents and it was Republicans, and more specifically, John McCain who opposed it and actually co-sponsored legislation in 1995 to stop it!!! What happened to that bill??? It was defeated in Senate committee by the dems on a straight party-line vote!!!!

Interesting side-note to that bill – The 3 co-sponsors of that bill were John McCain – lost the Presidential election to Barry, and Elizabeth Dole of NC and John Sununu of NH (both lost their senate seats 2 weeks ago)… All 3 Senators where doing the right thing by warning us of this impeding disaster and were re-buffed by the libs in congress… What was their reward for being right on this issue…. They get blamed for the collapse and all lost their elections on election day!!!! Way to pay attention American voter !!!

But the in-the-tank for Nobama media did a bang-up job grossly mis-informing the dim-witted public (masses are the asses!!!) to create the perception that it was the Republicans and Pres. Bush who are solely responsible for the whole economic disaster we face now…. But the ones who are the most to blame – Barney “mumbles” Frank, Nancy “Stretch” Pelosi, Chris, “Block-head” Dodd and all the libs in congress that pushed these risky loans, forced the banks to give them out and now play holier-than-now that they “had nothing to do with it”…. Uttlerly Shameless!!!

I have never in my life seen such brazen huzpa in all my life!!! And the media and the public (52%) believed it hook, line and sinker…. I am tellin’ you that when the media puts its mind to creating a perception, they can sell ice to Eskimos!!!

Super Obama

So now they can’t play that game anymore, they have all the power and their Messiah with all his super-powers to heal the world…. I, as an American, hope he can…

But if he doesn’t, he has nobody to blame but himself!!!!

Just my thoughts…

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