Bye Bye Christmas Parade - Its now the "Boat Parade of Lights"!!!

Well, Christmas has taken another shovel to the back of the head… In Patchogue, NY the town’s Chamber of Commerce, who host the event, changed the name of the traditional Christmas parade to the more “non-offensive”, Boat Parade of Lights!!!!See ya St. Nick..

How special that sounds…. Kumbaya, my Lord, Kumbaya!!!!!

Now, nothing galls me more than this POLITICALLY CORRECT HORSESH–!!!!!!

Are you kidding me or what!!!!

The organizers claim that “some” residents felt the name of the parade wasn’t “inclusive enough”!!!! Well, if that doesn’t get your blood to boil, I don’t know what does….

I don’t know what makes me more angry…. The handful of dim-bulbs that actually logged the protest or the pathetically weak town officials who caved in to the PC police and have trashed our traditions a little further with every liberal step they take….

The parade had been co-sponsored for years by Grucci fireworks, but not this year… This year, Grucci pulled it’s sponsorship and fireworks display in response to the outrageous cowardess and politically correct crap that goes on in this country… I say, bully for Grucci!!! I plan on emailing them congratulating them on their principled stand and response…

If you would like to contact Grucci to commend them on their bravery, please contact the President of Grucci, Philip Butler at [email protected]

Our friend and one of my idols, Bill O’Reilly is our National leader on this issue. He has called out many a corporation and Politician on this “secularization” of this great country by the libs…. The cornerstone of this battle is the attempt to minimize and marginalize Christmas…. Our friend Michelle Malkin also has been a crusader in this area an other politically correct madness… She wrote an article today on the new politically correct term for Native Americans (hey, I thought that was the politically correct term, but noooooo. Check out Michelle Malkin Indians – she is always a joy to read…

Family Tree

How “special” will it be to decorate the “Family Tree” this Christmas!!!!

The issue is the contempt and hatred the left has for anything traditional or Christian…. From big retail chains forbidding its employees from saying Merry Christmas to Christmas trees being advertised as “Family Trees”, and on and on and on… Sickening!!!

Well, my friends, this is not the end of the battle, its just the beginning… With Barry and the libs now entrenched in power, we will have to be more vigilant, more out-spoken and more passionate about our traditional values being ravaged than ever before….

We have to be… Or else Christmas will be wiped off the calendar and replace with a “Community Unity Luncheon”!!!!!

How “SPECIAL” and “INCLUSIVE” would that be?????

Just my thoughts…

GOP Mike

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