With Rob Simmons Out - Support the Tea Party Candidate

With Rob Simmons dropping out, Peter Schiff is now the only viable Republican challenger to establishment candidate Linda McMahon, and deserves our support in the GOP primary for US Senate in Connecticut.


  • Peter Schiff opposes all bailouts.
    Linda McMahon does not oppose all bailouts.
  • Peter Schiff is against TARP.
    Linda McMahon “supported TARP in its original form.”
  • Peter Schiff is against cap-and-trade.
    Linda McMahon claims to oppose cap-and-trade, but only “in its current form,” meaning she would be open to compromising on it and supporting it.
  • Peter Schiff wants Roe v. Wade overturned.
    Linda McMahon supports Roe v. Wade.
  • Peter Schiff will devote all his time in the US Senate to forcing an immediate end to deficit spending, by leading a filibuster against the raising of the national debt ceiling and fighting every big spending bill that comes across the Senate floor.
    Linda McMahon, despite her use of the phrase “smackdown,” is a nice woman — but Washington doesn’t need a nice woman, who is going there to be just another Senator.
  • Peter Schiff is a millionaire with wide and deep support, who energizes the grassroots.
    Linda McMahon is just a millionaire.
  • Peter Schiff has been endorsed by ALL of the Tea Party organizations in CT, as well as the 9 largest CT-based conservative grassroots organizations.
    Linda McMahon was endorsed by the establishment.
  • Peter Schiff is a committed Republican, who has never donated to Democrats.
    Linda McMahon has donated to many Democratic politicans (including Rahm Emanuel) and was speaking at Democratic events for quite some time before deciding to run in the Republican primary.
  • Peter Schiff is incredibly intelligent, is an expert on the biggest issue of the day (the economy) who predicted the 2008 recession in great detail, and can make Richard Blumenthal look like a fool in the debates.
    Linda McMahon has little-to-no detailed knowledge of any issues and will not be able to hold her own in an indepth debate with Blumenthal.

RedState should endorse Peter Schiff in the CT Senate primary, and the members here should work to get him elected.

Peter Schiff for U.S. Senate!

By the way – this video of Peter Schiff’s speech to the Hartford Tea Party is a great introduction to what kind of candidate Peter is.