FIGHT NIGHT! Cruz vs. Sanders, Feb 7 9:00 PM EST on CNN

Let’s get ready to rumble!!!



EDIT: I was misinformed on the topic. They will be debating Obamacare, not climate change. Disregard earlier post if you read it.

A year late, Ted Cruz is finally gonna get that one-on-one debate. Unfortunately, this isn’t for the presidency, which would have been epic. But this one is not too bad. Cruz and Bernie Sanders will be debating Obamacare,” and if anything, it many mean a lot of rational but not-fully-informed people will hear sound reasoning for a change.

Jake Tapper and Dana Bash will be moderating this debate, and for once Cruz will have one opponent, as binary as one can get even in this fully polarized political climate. I have to admit that I was highly surprised that this debate was allowed to happen, as Ted Cruz cannot lose a fair fight in a debate, no matter the subject. And with Cruz’s innate knowledge not just on the politics, but the actual intricate medical industry knowledge behind this debacle, people are going to see a side of Cruz that even some conservatives haven’t seen.

I predict a lot of people who are having second thoughts about Trump, even now, will see what they missed out for the presidency. But in any case, I have one prediction for the pitiful fools who claim Obamacare is the cat’s meow: