A Challenge to Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh

Dear Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh,

Congratulations. Your influence, built upon the backs of (willing) listeners whom for the most part are law-abiding, solid, and dare I say it, Constitutionalist, has allowed you to greatly affect the mindset of much of the American voting public for decades. Your professed acknowledgement of following the Constitution has elevated you to rock star status through much of your listenership, and even I acknowledge to learning from you, and being part of that long-time audience. I am probably unique in that I was a fan of both of you when you were local personalities: Rush in Sacramento, and Sean in Atlanta, before you became the 1-2 punch of pre-2016 conservative talk radio.


In the past year, though, something snapped. I have to admit that the Alinsky Left instigated much of it, not just in Obama’s successful transformation of the country, but in their ability to foresee the backlash (or “whitelash” per Van Jones). They knew that the opposition wasn’t going to be filtered through an anemic, cronyist establishment type like Dole in ’96, Bush in 2000 (at least post-9/11), McCain in 2008, and Romney in 2012. They knew a true Constitutionalist is their greatest enemy, their greatest fear, and one whom not only would turn back the transformation, but worse for them, by instilling those constitutional values upon the Millenniel generation, of which they are already expressing. And since heretofore once the Right knew that the filtered cronyist Establishment Guy was not going to be selected, nay, tolerated, they had to do everything the could to prevent the Constitutionalist.

Enter Donald Trump. The ingenius plan from the Left. Put out a candidate ostensibly against the Establishment cum Progressive Statist consortium, and in the same breath, tie in true conservatism with being part of the Establishment. Voilà! The real enemy is now vanquished before firing a shot, with far more severe consequences.

So we were screwed in two ways, following the necessary compromise the Left had to make to get Obama his transformation: the slotting of the most damaged candidate to ever run for president, Hillary Clinton.

First, putting out a candidate that in a pre-Obama second term world (or actually, pre-mid-second term, post 2014 election cycle) would not have been possible. And Donald Trump was that candidate, acknowledged for years by the Left. He was so whacked out that he barely won a race that, in a normal universe, would have been a cakewalk for any GOP candidate, and in particular, would have been a major landslide had it been a Ronald Reagan type, like Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio.

And second, the more important Leftist goal: Splitting the “conservative” faction into “populists” and Constitutionalists.

You see, the Left knew that once the curtain of the Media/GOP Establishment/Alinsky Left cabal had been exposed, there had to be acrimony on the remaining Right, and RedState has been the primary example of said acrimony, even (and especially) post-election. Keep in mind that the Alinskyite long game only works if Constitutionalism is destroyed, and at this point, only true conservatives are the defenders and protectors of the Constitution.

Which comes back to you, Rush and Sean. You have decided to take the side of the Populists. Not because you oppose conservatism as a rule, but because when forced between opposing Constitutionalism and opposing Trump, you tend to pick the former. And because of your blind, binary vision, you conflate the “NeverTrump” coalition of both the left (Media/GOP Establishment/Alinsky Left) as well as the RedState, Constitutionalist coalition of “NeverTrump”.

Fair enough. You slapped my face with the glove, I accept. The ball is in your court now.

It is now up to YOU to hold Trump’s feet to the fire. It is up to you to make sure he stays on Constitutional point. You keep saying that he’s going to be Constitutional, you keep saying he’s this badass conservative. So you own it.

You own his judges. You own his decisions on TPP. You own his decisions on Planned Parenthood, foreign diplomacy, tax rates, military policy, climate policy, etc.

And we will judge you. We will have no choice, frankly. But here’s the challenge, and this challenge is non-negotiable.

  1. Trump must nominate, and just as importantly, successfully campaign the senate to confirm, a true Constitutional judge (or judges) on par with Clarence Thomas or Antonin Scalia. Remember, just nominating is not enough; he must use his political skills to get him confirmed. Yes, Reagan failed with Bork, but that was back when opposition was a formality, never to be invoked for qualified judges. That ship has long since sailed. Cruz and Rubio would have been able to do it, so Trump has to prove it as well.
  2. He must get rid of every damaging executive order in place. Just as important, he has to use his skills and fortitude to block the flurry of lawsuits, and to ensure he has a strong, Constitutional, rock-filled Attorney General whom himself (or herself) will appoint Constitutional lawyers to defend against this flurry. Again, Cruz and Rubio would have been able to do it, so Trump has to prove it as well.
  3. Since Trump is a “dealmaker,” he must understand the true “Art of the Deal.” In short, one does not go into a deal unless he is in position of strength to start with. The greatest deal in history, in my opinion, was the one not made, when Reagan walked away from the table with Gorbachev that essentially sealed the fate of the expansionist, communist Soviet empire. With a capitulation (or “Great Deal!”), the Soviet empire would have remained, making it virtually impossible to expand freedom through Europe, greatly inhibiting the 90’s and exponentially increasing the presence of Islamic Terrorism to a much greater degree than even today. Certainly, these negotiations trump (pun intended) any deal the The Donald has made with regard to air rights, NYC bribes, and kicking Granny out of her house via once-anti-Constitutional eminent domain. Once more: Cruz and Rubio would have been able to deal or not to deal with real issues, so Trump has to prove it as well.

Obviously, there are dozens more (I haven’t even touched on taxes or the military!), maybe some more important to others. But these three items will prove it. They must be done in the way I prescribed above, the way that a real “conservative” would do. The first report card on whether this challenge has been met will be the 2018 midterms, in which:

  1. The Senate must increase its GOP membership. In 2018, 23 Democrats and 2 independents are up for reelection. If Trump is successful, then at least 2 or 3 of those seats will flip. The GOP is only defending 8, and they must hold at least 7 of them. A successful conservative presidency must filter down to these races. I’ll put the line at Net + 2 gain as the barometer; anything less is a failure. Cruz or Rubio would have easily met the +2 limit.
  2. The House must stay in GOP hands. Typically, the House is more volatile, so individual predictions can’t be made; nonetheless, preventing wholesale departure from a presidential agenda must be done. Cruz or Rubio would have easily prevented such a departure, so Trump has to prove it as well.
  3. The various states should, overall, maintain their relative conservative positions they hold now, by maintaining the same level of GOP governors and controlled legislatures. They are more affected by local issues; nonetheless, preventing wholesale departure from a presidential agenda must be done. Cruz or Rubio would have easily prevented such a departure, so Trump has to prove it as well.

Sean, Rush: It is incumbant upon YOU to hold Trump to these standards which you two have insisted was going to happen. It is we conservatives on the Constitutional Right who hold your populist feet to the fire, and you two must prove to us that Trump will follow through.

If Trump does NOT follow through, then you have absolutely no right to hold us real (Constitutionalist) #NeverTrump’ers in contempt; indeed, it will be us (Constitutionalist) #NeverTrumper’s whom will hold YOU in contempt. And then we have to plan on the obvious aftermath, perpetuated mostly by the Left, but abated by your ignorance and your conflation of “conservatism” and “populism.”

November 6, 2018. JUDGMENT DAY for Trump’s first half of his term. Let’s see who is right. Frankly, I’m hoping I’m wrong. PROVE it, RUSH! PROVE it, Sean!