The Speech Ted Cruz MUST Make Tonight

Earlier, Streiff wrote about the necessity of Ted Cruz making an extremely important speech. As essentially the only adult left in the room after the embarrassment put out by the progressive sycophants of the reeling Republican Party, Ted will have one advantage: the delegates left on the floor whom were shoved aside by the RNC/Trump mobsters.

Without attempting to write around Streiff’s eloquent discourse of Ted’s speech, particularly as how it sets up for Cruz’s potential 2020 run, I do have far more overwhelming concerns that need to be addressed, as they don’t apply just to Cruz’s political career, they apply to the very existence of this country.

In short, and without hyperbole, Ted Cruz must give The Best Damn Political Speech in History.

Well, ok, a little hyperbole. But before that, let’s talk about Herr Hairpiece.

Without a doubt, a Trump election will most probably result in the maintenance of Obama’s progressive shockwave leftward shift to socialism. When the American populace fought back by electing Republicans running as conservatives in 2010 and 2014, they thought they were going to right the ship. But the GOP Establishment fought back against the conservatives whom were dictated by the populace to lead. There was so much insidious hatred about the government, especially by Republicans against the Establishment GOP, that it was literally impossible for any establishment candidate in 2016 to win the nomination. Ted Cruz saw this, and planned accordingly.

As it turned out, he was right. For what it’s worth, Cruz ran the most disciplined, most ethically communicative campaign in presidential campaign history. In a normal year, in a normal time, informed voters whom were both intelligent and angry would have come to him in droves.

(I opined that if Bernie Sanders had run his campaign like Ted Cruz, he would have beaten Hillary going away. But I digress.)

But enter Donald J. Trump. I admit his entry may have been a narcissistic drive to stroke his own ego, but if I were a progressive political strategist, I would have put all my effort into getting him into the race. For strategists also understand the mood of the populace, and more importantly, how to play that mood into THEIR favor.

And Donald Trump took the very anti-establishment, but non-thinking, emotional-based electorate away from Ted Cruz. Donald Trump was successful in getting the GOP electorate to tie in Ted Cruz with the establishment in the minds of these voters. Trump KNEW he would lose one-on-one against Cruz without the help of the media and the Establishment (who foolishly thought that Trump was anti-establishment), so he avoided any chance of doing so, even to the point of convincing John Kasich to stay in the race to run interference from below.

And Donald Trump proved to be the most effective vessal in this particular play. In short, it may play out that Trump will be regarded as the second most influential person (behind Barrack Obama) to have figured in the destruction of the United States. But that’s my early Monday-morning quarterback analysis for another time.

But back to the main thesis of this column: Why Ted Cruz must give the best speech of his life, and perhaps of the survivability of both the Republican Party and the Constitutional-republican governance of the United States itself.

For I am NOT against the Republican Party. I AM against the elements and the demented individuals within the party leadership who bastardize the literal meaning and intention of the party: to maintain a limited governance on the people, and devolve such governance to the states, and in principle, to the citizen him / herself.

And THIS is what Ted Cruz must enunciate in his brilliant, oratorical manner. And yes, we DO need oratorical, because there is no good way to make this a “populist” speech. There must be ABSOLUTE clarity with this regard.

The speech must remind America what the Republican Party stands for: Constitutional, limited government that has its rules in how to govern. This is not just a good idea…this is a COMMITMENT.

He must project this commitment to EVERY Republican, not just those running for president, but also sitting in the halls of Congress, in state and local governments, and in the citizenry itself.

The speech must project this commitment to every Constitutionalist, particularly those sitting on all judiciary levels, from the city aribitrator all the way to Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

Finally, this speech must project this commitment to every human being not just in the country, but on the planet, the very ideals of human interaction living not just in Divine Intervention but also of the very tenets that keep our human spirit alive.

This speech is not just about the presidential election. This speech is not even just about the direction of a particular political party.

For this speech may be about what course of embarkment this country chooses.

So many people will be looking at “Will he or won’t he endorse Donald Trump?” They miss the much bigger picture in doing so, whether by ignorance or design.

You see, Donald Trump is the GOP nominee. The GOP is not the Trump party, despite the fact he got the plurality of votes.

So as long as Ted Cruz gives his expected brilliant speech, and reminds people about the principles on which both the Party and the country stands, then he should endorse Donald Trump by challenging him to meet those standards. He should endorse Donald Trump by making him follow through on those principles.

So understand, though, this is not just about endorsing Donald Trump. It is about igniting the fire underneath the conservatives to fight at ALL levels, particularly at the Senate election levels. It is VITAL to reignite the conservative fire in Congress, despite who becomes president. For THIS should be Ted Cruz’s main goal, along with holding Trump’s feet to the fire with regard to conservative governance.

But without a Senate that will refuse to capitulate to the Executive Branch’s every edict, we are doomed no matter if the president is named Clinton or Trump. And with that capitulation will be borne a court that will authorized 20 million potential anti-constitutionalist voters, whom will effectively destroy the country by never electing another GOP president or any chance of a GOP stronghold in Congress.

Summary: Expound on constitutional republicanism that are the roots of this party and this country. Endorse Donald Trump by challenging him to govern by those tenets. Finally, ignite the fires behind conservatives running for office at all levels, particularly the US Senate.

With such a speech, Ted Cruz may not just secure a political future in the White House. He may just preserve the reason the White House exists in the first place.

Give ’em hell, Ted.