Ted Cruz Delegates to Set GOP Agenda

Back during the primary, Ted Cruz was racking up the delegate support like no other non-Establishment candidate has accomplished since Ronald Reagan. While he may not end up as the nominee unless Trump absolutely goes insane (though one could argue that it wouldn’t take much), there is one thing that has been accomplished that would not have happened were it not for the Lion from Texas. The conservative agenda will be on display front and center.

From Robert Eno at Conservative Review:

With eyes set on winning a contested convention, Sen. Ted Cruz’s, R-Texas (A, 97%) campaign trounced Donald Trump over and over again in the selection of delegates to the Republican Convention. While the effort didn’t result in a Cruz nomination it did have an outsized effect on shaping the platform of the Republican Party. The platform that came out of the rules committee is one of the most conservative in recent memory. In large part this was due to the efforts of Cruz and his allies.