Hollywood Embraces Reaganomics and Low Taxes!

Reagan_)HollywoodHooray for Hollywood! They are officially proud practitioners of that great conservative icon, Ronald Reagan, and his spectacular tax policies that rejuvenated a country from the socialist-trending morass of the 70’s, unleashing the economic powerhouse to officially knock out the Soviet empire.

From Ricky Ricardo’s favorite paper, Variety:

The report also came a year after California’s sweetened tax incentive program went into effect for the next five years following extensive lobbying by the industry and unions focused on the issue of job retention to put the brakes on producers’ flight to incentive-rich locations elsewhere.

Holy inversion-busting move, Batman! You mean by reducing taxes, we create more jobs? Jeepers!

Maybe next California will enact sensible economic tax reforms that allow for all businesses to flourish. Industries will flock to the Golden State just like the movie companies to take advantage of lower tax rates, ensuring hundreds of thousands, even millions, of new California jobs with high starting salaries and unlimited advancement! Thanks to Hollywood admitting that Reaganomics is the key to prosperity!

I look forward with great anticipation to this happening. Meanwhile…