If Bernie Sanders had Ted Cruz's Campaign Strategy, He Would Be Next President


For Bernie Sanders to have competed for the Democratic nomination as strongly as he did on such a shoestring approach, one thing is certain. It is obvious that if he had run the campaign with the comprehensive infrastructure that Ted Cruz employed, Sanders would have EASILY become the nominee, as he did not have to contend with Cruz’s multiple levels of active, concentrated opposition.

For instance, Cruz had opposition from the following sources:

  • Establishment GOP
  • Crossover Democrats
  • Low-info anti-Establishment voters
  • Mainstream Media
  • Establishment Media cum Populist Media (Fox, Drudge et al)

In short, despite the most intense opposition a candidate has ever had against him in the history of presidential primaries, Ted Cruz nearly pulled out the impossible because of his intensive and comprehensive campaign strategy.

Now, consider Bernie’s starting opposition:

  • Establishment Democratic Party
  • Mainstream Media

That’s it. Now, if Bernie had Cruz’s intensive grassroots organization working from the summer and fall of 2015, his media ratings would have actually been accelerated. He was also blessed to compete with a candidate whom many people could not stand (the Democrat equivalent of Jeb Bush). Finally, he didn’t have to contend with a candidate on his side who was a populist who garnered a lot of low-info voters, crossover voters, and anti-Establishment-only voters, such as Trump had over Cruz.

The fact that Bernie Sanders lasted with a campaign built almost entirely on fumes is indicative that with a Cruz- or Obama-scale campaign effort, he would have easily competed against Hillary Clinton in the early stages more effectively. As his campaign would have improved, the mainstream media would have definitely become more in tune with his campaign.

Bottom line: Had Bernie run his campaign like Ted Cruz, he would be our next president hands down.